Large Suitcases (70-79cm)

The most commonly bought size, ideal for any traveller, whether you travel once or five times a year. Perfect for multiple travellers, families and those that travel with children. This size fits perfectly for a 2 week family holiday.

Free Personalisation
Personalise your bag with laser engraving to make it truly unique. Exclusive online offer.
C-Lite Spinner (4 wheels) 75cm 75 x 51 x 31 cm | 2.8 kg
Made with recycled plastic waste
Magnum Eco Spinner (4 wheels) 75cm 75 x 51 x 32 cm | 4.2 kg
Free Personalisation
Personalise your bag with laser engraving to make it truly unique. Exclusive online offer.
Lite-Box Spinner (4 wheels) 75cm 75 x 50 x 29 cm | 3.1 kg

Wide Range of Large Suitcases

Find the best large suitcase from our wide-ranging collection. Samsonite’s hugely popular large luggage models (70-79 cm) offer the versatility of big packing capacity combined with ease of use. This favourite Samsonite size range is a must for any traveller, whether you travel once or five times a year. Ideal for multiple travellers, particularly families and those travelling with children, allowing you to move around with as few luggage items as possible. This size is particularly suited for your 2 week family holiday. Expandable suitcase versions offer even greater capacity just when you need it.

How big is a large suitcase?

Large suitcases are 70 to 79 cm or 27 to 31 inches in height. They have a capacity of 55 L up to 140 L. Just imagine how many clothes and shoes you could fit in these suitcases!

What is better: a spinner or an upright suitcase?

Spinners have 4 wheels that can turn in any direction. Because you don't have to drag your suitcase with you, it will make your travels easier and more comfortable. Upright suitcases only have 2 wheels and are still a very good and durable alternative. With an upright suitcase, you'll have maximum space inside to pack all your belongings. The wheels are semi-integrated in the luggage compartment, which makes them even more durable.

How can I personalise my large suitcase?

We have three ways for you to personalise your large suitcase. You can engrave or emboss your suitcase, or you can add a personalised luggage label to your suitcase. Emboss up to 3 letters, emojis or icons, available in a number of colours on a specially designed label on your suitcase. When looking for your bag on the baggage carousel, just check the label next to the suitcase lock to make sure it's yours. With engraving, you can add your name or a personal message of up to 25 characters onto the metal of the suitcase handle. Engraving is available in different fonts. Monogram a luggage tag or keyhanger if you prefer a personalisation option that you can take off and put back on whenever you like. With monogramming, you can add up to 3 letters, icons or emojis in a number of fashionable colours.

Are eco-friendly large suitcases equally good?

Absolutely. With travellers becoming more eco-conscious, our goal is to find an eco-friendly suitcase for every travel need, without comprising the quality of our products. We've been working together with SUEZ and LyondellBasell to make eco hardside luggage, made of recyled plastic waste. For our soft side luggage, we use Recyclex® fabrics, that are not only eco-friendly, but also very flexible and have a durable quality.

What can I pack in a large suitcase?

Choosing a large suitcase means being able to pack enough for a 2 week trip. In practice, this means you can take the following clothing and travel items with you: 10 tops/shirts, 4 jumpers, 4 pairs of trousers, 2 jackets, 3 pairs of shoes, a toiletry bag, swimwear, 15 pairs of underwear. It's the perfect size if you're going away for a fortnight's holiday. For more guidance, take a look at our helpful video.