Duffle Bags

Travel light, whether going to the gym or going on a trip. Our lightweight, versatile travel & duffle bags are ideal for your everyday use or to travel off the beaten track. Don't feel like carrying your travel bag all the way? The duffle bags with wheels will be the perfect fit!

This bag is free to take on board easyJet flights.
Always double check with your airline before travelling for the latest info.
Ecodiver Duffle with wheels underseater 45cm 45 x 36 x 20 cm | 2 kg

Weekend and Traveller Bags

Find ultra lightweight travel bags with Samsonite’s duffle bags, ideal for any type of excursion or leisure activity. This wide range of soft bags and wheeled duffle bags allows for heightened flexibility when travelling or commuting by train or car. Enjoy added comfort on your duffle bag thanks to the lightweight yet strong and durable material. Suitcase storage is also a breeze when you are in between trips as most duffle bags fold down to a fraction of their normal size. The contemporary designs are great for a gym bag or transporting books or other gear, but equally convenient for an extended trip away.