Smart backpacks

Smart backpacks


Smart Backpacks

Smart backpacks are the new best thing if you're often on the move. Stay connected with a cool backpack with smart features, such as a USB charger port, a power bank or a bluetooth tracker. Made with anti-theft and recycled materials, reflective details and RFID protection, these smart backpacks are a must-have for any urban traveller.

Stay Connected and Secure with Smart Backpacks

Elevate your travel experience with our innovative smart backpacks. Designed for the modern urban traveler, these backpacks offer a perfect blend of style, functionality, and cutting-edge technology. Stay connected, organized, and secure on your journeys with a range of smart features that make these backpacks a must-have companion.

Embrace Connectivity with Smart Features

Experience the convenience of staying connected wherever you go. Our smart backpacks are equipped with advanced features such as USB charger ports and built-in power banks. Easily charge your devices on the move and ensure you never run out of battery again. Stay connected to the digital world and make the most of your adventures.

Enhanced Security for Peace of Mind

Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. Our smart backpacks are designed with anti-theft features, including secure compartments and hidden zippers, to keep your belongings safe. Additionally, RFID protection shields your personal information from unauthorized scanning, adding an extra layer of security. Travel with confidence, knowing that your valuables are well-protected.

Shop Smart Backpacks Online

Upgrade your travel gear with our smart backpacks and enjoy a seamless and connected travel experience. Visit the Samsonite UK website now to explore our range of smart backpacks for both men and women. Enhance your organization, connectivity, and security with a backpack that is designed for the modern traveler. Make every journey smarter with Samsonite.