Cabin Luggage

Catching your next flight will be a walk in the park with your new favourite cabin bag. Hop on the plane with cabin luggage that is light, strong and comes with amazing organisational features. Check out our cabin luggage finder and discover the best hand luggage size for your next trip.

Free Personalisation
Personalise your bag with laser engraving to make it truly unique. Exclusive online offer.
C-Lite Spinner Expandable (4 wheels) 55 x 40 x 20/23 cm | 2.1 kg
Free Personalisation
Personalise your bag with laser engraving to make it truly unique. Exclusive online offer.
C-Lite Spinner (4 wheels) 55cm (20cm) 55 x 40 x 20 cm | 1.9 kg
Free Personalisation
Personalise your bag with laser engraving to make it truly unique. Exclusive online offer.
Lite-Box Spinner (4 wheels) 55cm 55 x 40 x 20 cm | 2.2 kg
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Hi-Fi Spinner Expandable (4 wheels) 55cm 55 x 40 x 20/23 cm | 2.3 kg

Cabin Luggage for your needs

Choosing the right cabin luggage for your needs is not always easy. With so many size and weight restrictions imposed by different airlines, making sure you’re sticking to the rules can be difficult and confusing. Add to that all the questions concerning style, colour, added features, and what will best match your other luggage…on top of all the other things to consider: Do you prefer a hardside or softside model? Two or four wheels? Which size is best? With or without a laptop compartment? We are here to help you find your perfect cabin case so read on to get the best tips on what to look out for.

Hardside or Softside?

Hardside cabin luggage has the advantage of being more water resistant: something frequent travellers will be keen on if they’ve ever been caught in a storm between the airport and hotel. Hardside models are also less susceptible to knocks and can offer more protection if you’re expecting a bumpy trip. Alternatively, softside cabin luggage is usually lighter, a factor which comes into play when packing according to an airline’s weight restriction. Softside models can also offer extra flexibility when squeezing bags into tight compartments. Some even offer expandable functions allowing for increased space and capacity when needed.

Interior and Exterior Organisation

When travelling light, it’s vital to keep everything well organised, so take into account the interior organisation offered in our wide range of cabin luggage. Check if the case has interior pockets, designed to keep your shoes and laundry separate from your clean, dry clothes. Other handy compartments include built-in wet pocket to keep damp items such as an umbrella or washcloth separate from your dry items. For a speedy turnaround at airport security, look for cabin luggage which features a Checkpoint Wet Pocket. This removable transparent bag stores your liquids in one place for added practicality.
Business travellers might want to opt for an integrated laptop or tablet compartment. Several of our models offer this handy feature, helping to keep everything safe and secure without the need for a separate laptop bag. Another factor to consider is whether you need to stay connected whilst en route. Some of our models include USB ports and Power Banks so you can stay connected when you’re away from a power supply.
Exterior pockets are also a useful feature to consider. Access your travel tickets, passport, phone or newspapers quickly with specially designed front pockets, available on some of our cabin luggage options.
When it comes to wheels, you should think about whether you prefer to push or pull your suitcase. 4-wheeled cabin luggage is perfect for smooth terrain. Alternatively, if you prefer pulling your case and think you’ll cross bumpy ground, opt for cabin luggage with 2 wheels.


Although cabin luggage typically accompanies you on the plane, you shouldn’t neglect security, and make sure that the contents of your bag are always safe. Choose cabin luggage equipped with a combination lock or lockable zippers. If you’re travelling to the USA, it is worth looking for cabin luggage with a TSA lock. This allows American customs officers to be able to access the contents of your suitcase without damaging it.

Dimensions and Weight

Airlines often charge extra fees for passengers whose cabin luggage is too big or too heavy. To avoid this, make sure you check out our handy airline cabin luggage dimension guide and find the airlines you’re travelling with. Here you’ll find a number of style options per airline, so check before you travel and stay up to date on the latest restrictions. Whether you’re flying with British Airways, Ryanair or Emirates, we have got a cabin bag suitable for you!