easyJet Hand Luggage

Lowcost airline easyJet updated their hand luggage dimension allowance in early 2021. The new policy allows everyone to take a small cabin bag measuring 45x36x20cm with them in the aircraft. This can be a small rucksack, handbag or laptop bag, and needs to be stored under the seat in front of you.
For more premium seats such as Upfront or Extra Legroom (at a fee), you can also take a larger cabin case measuring 56x45x25cm including wheels and handles. Here we list all our easyJet carry on luggage size models which can be taken onboard with a premium ticket. easyJet Plus and FLEXI fare customers can also take advantage of this larger cabin luggage allowance. Samsonite's wide range of easyJet hand luggage also offers some options with laptop compartment, helping you to maximise your onboard allowance.
PLEASE NOTE: This easyJet cabin bag selection from Samsonite includes all bags within the 56x45x25cm baggage allowance, which allows you to take your case onboard for a small fee.

easyJet Cabin Bag Size Allowance

Can I take a handbag onboard an easyJet flight?

Yes, all tickets include a small cabin bag such as a handbag or backpack.

What is the weight limit for easyJet hand luggage?

easyJet has no weight limit as such, but you are expected to be able to lift your own cabin case to store it in the overhead locker.

Do I have to pay extra for easyJet cabin luggage?

If you would like to take a larger item with you, you will need to pay for an appropriate premium ticket such as Upfront, Extra Legroom or FLEXI. On very busy flights, overhead locker space is limited and your bag may have to be checked in.