benefits of our innovative CURV collections

  • Incredibly light material to maximise baggage allowance
  • Woven technology for exceptional impact resistance and shock absorption, also at low temperatures
  • Unique self-reinforced design, adding strength and protection without adding weight
  • Durable yet flexible luggage with a long lifecycle
  • Timeless, groundbreaking designs which have been tested extensively
  • Award winning & certified designs
  • Woven structure Woven technology The next generation of suitcases
  • Self reinforced Self-reinforced design
  • Several layers Layering Ultra light and strong
  • Warranty Warranty Samsonite 10 year global warranty
How is it made? How is it made?

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Making travel easier is an ongoing mission at Samsonite. That's why we have brought Curv technology into the world of travel. Curv is exclusive to Samsonite within the luggage arena.

How is it made? Play Video