Sammies Ergofit Backpack Set


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Product info

Product info

Warranty Limited 4 year global warranty
Model Backpack Set
Colour Snowflake Fairy Tale
Material Polyester
Dimensions 40 x 30 x 26 cm
Weight 2 kg
Backpack Weight 950g
SKU 111539-8345


Backpack straps Adjustable
Reflective details Yes
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About the collection

Sammies Ergofit (Disney) is Samsonite’s ergonomic back-to-school collection for kids. The ergonomic and colorful backpacks are perfect for the first 3 years of primary school. The backpacks are adjustable to kids' height as they grow, and the new fun prints and badges allow children to reflect their own style.

- Ergonomic Backpack
- Wallet
- Filled pencil case
- Non filled pencil case
- Sports duffle
- File holder A4-format

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