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Easy access cabin luggage!

Ready to meet the next revelation in easy access cabin luggage? Smarttop takes the conventional carry-on to a whole new level, giving it a new dimension with its innovative top pocket. From now on, you will always have your travel essentials at close reach in any given situation, even when your suitcase is stored under your seat or in a full overhead compartment. Smarttop comes in four different cabin sizes, catering the major travel airlines.

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Flowlite Technology

Thin & light, but
still polypropylene

Flowlite technology

Polypropylene is known for its strength, shock resistance & high density of colour pigments to avoid stress whitening. Samsonite succeeded in creating a range of extremely lightweight polypropylene collections, thanks to new revolutionary polypropylene material called Flowlite. This material enables us to inject very thin moulds whilst still keeping a strong shell, giving protection to personal belongings inside the suitcase.

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Space Booster

Small case,
more space

Space Booster Wheels

Unique & patent pending system enables the suitcase to respect the 20cm check-in guidelines whilst maximizing volume, by integrating the upright wheels and pushing the bottom panel back 2/3 cm. Thanks to the Space Booster Wheels there’s no need to compromise: bring your suitcase on board the plane, without sacrificing volume.

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Discover how Curv® is made

Discover how
Curv® is made

Curv® Technology

Curv® technology is an advanced impact-resistant, lightweight material. Samsonite has formulated the process to create the ultra strong material by weaving fibres of durable polypropylene together, transforming them into individual sheets which are quickly reinforced and fused together to form an outer shell.

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Quality Tests

Quality tests

We deliver the quality. You conduct the test.

Every journey. Every day. You might not have given it any thought, but each Samsonite product undergoes the most stringent controls and tests before it goes on the market. Of course, the ultimate test is conducted by you, the customer.

Quality Tests

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