Christmas shopping like a pro

...with Samsonite cabin luggage

You've got Christmas presents on your mind. You keep thinking of snowflakes and tinsel and shops all lit up. You just love Christmas shopping, but you're having a hard time deciding where to go this year. London is fab of course, but the historic centre of Brussels is also stunning.... There's also fairytale Prague, and what about New York? So many destinations! And whether you go by train, plane or car, Samsonite luggage makes travel easy: Lite DLX is ideal for a trip by train, and the Uplite range has everything you need to enjoy shopping therapy in comfort. Mind you, it also makes a great gift. Who doesn't enjoy top quality bags? The very sophisticated Cosmolite range is also ideal to offer to your loved ones as a present.

Shop like a pro! And if you buy more than you need, you can always buy an extra Samsonite case to carry it all home!