Adopt a green lifestyle with Samsonite

On April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day, a day on which we give extra attention to today’s environmental needs. It is important that we reflect on our own ecological behaviour in order to reduce our environmental footprint! An ecological lifestyle starts with small steps... a lot of change also lies in the way we travel and the type of products we use. We can help you in these first steps not only by giving some tips for your daily lives but also by introducing sustainable bags with smart and ergonomic features. We also listed the best ecotourism destinations for you and your family to get you close to the natural world! Are you ready to become a conscious traveller?

Travel sustainably

It goes without saying that more and more people are craving to see the world. Our hunger for experiences grows, as you can read in our article ‘From floating cities to glamping’ , and we literally want to push our boundaries. However, this trend is at odds with the needs of our planet, and that is less pollution. You are maybe already familiar with the most common ways of eco travelling, but we would like to sum up the ones we think you should consider:

1. Stay in one place

For North Americans, who tend to do city hopping in Europe, this might be a hard challenge to tackle. However, we recommend you to not explore many places, but many experiences. Consider staying in one town and learn more about the habits of the local community rather than hopping from A to B in a short period of time. To give an example: it is much nicer to explore the picturesque white village of Cadaqués in Spain, together with the Mediterranean rocky coast, then wanting to see all the villages in the East of the country.

2. Travel with reusable items

You should make it a habit to take reusable products with you when you go on holiday. When you take a reusable water bottle with you in your hand luggage, you do not need to throw plastic away at the security check and you can refill your bottle wherever you go. Other reusable items that are convenient to travel with are a cloth shopping bag or a travel cup.

S'Cure eco

Samsonite luggage is already meant to stay with you for years. However, we have put efforts in creating luggage that is made of durable resources. For World Earth Day, we launch our S’Cure Eco, our first collection that is made from circular polypropylene. The “Green Grey” edition of S’Cure ECO is the first suitcase on the planet that re-uses ost-consumer recycled plastic wastep to turn it into a high-quality recycled materials. The waste would have landed up in landfill if it was not used in our production, so by this we can already reduce the harmful effects of production on our planet!

Both on the inside and on the outside, the suitcase is made of post-consumer waste. The shell is made using recycled polypropylene and on the inside, the interior textile is made of Recyclex™. The latter consists for 100% out of recycled PET plastic bottles and is specially crafted to be durable, flexible and environmentally responsible. This makes the S’Cure ECO “Green Grey” suitcase not only highly sustainable, but also a fashionable, light, strong and sleek product, a great product for a unique travel experience! The collection is not only superior in the way it is made, it also has intelligent features to make packing more convenient. The S’Cure Eco suitcase has lowered cross ribbons (on the check-in sizes), M ribbons (on the cabin size), a zipped divider and a large apron pocket in which you can store all kinds of belongings.

3. Be a green guest

One rule of thumb: adopt the same lifestyle on vacation as if you would be at home. Avoid too much air-conditioning, wash your clothes yourself and reuse your towels! It’s also smart to not use the small plastic soap bottles and bring some of your own, as they are harmful for the planet. Mind of course that these bottles are TSA approved and BPA free!

Spark SNG eco

4. Pack light

Avoid squeezing your entire wardrobe into your suitcase. Heavier suitcases increase the cargo-hold and planes will consume more fuel. Once arrived at your destination, extra bags also means more weight, which makes it more difficult to walk, bike or manoeuvre round people at the metro station. A good choice to pack light is our Spark SNG Eco suitcase. This suitcase not only boasts in volume and lightness, it is also made of the durable Recyclex material, the same one as we use for the S’Cure Eco. The Spark SNG has nature-conscious alternatives for the other components, using genuine cork material instead of polyurethane trim on the carry handles and also for the logo, ID tag and back protection. The collection offers a wide variety of styles - ranging from toilet kit to extra-large Spinner 82 Expandable

All the above changes are not life-changing, but will already make a huge difference for your carbon footprint.

Go for green commute

A quick way to reduce your carbon footprint is choosing the bike over the car. For most people, it’s not easy to make the change as the car is a convenient transportation method. However, cycling is healthy, burns calories and is fun when you do it together with others. When you ride a bike, you are also more aware of what happens around you. You only need to invest in commuting essentials like racks, cycling pants and… a loyal friend or colleague! People who cycle every day will live 2,5 years longer.. that’s considerable! Not convinced? Our new range of smart and ergonomic bags will definitely get you on board and make your daily commute easier than expected!


One of them is our Ziproll backpacks. This is more than an ordinary backpack, as it has features to have quick access to your belongings. Nothing more frustrating than having to look for your keys when you have no time!

The easy access roll top function serves as an extra front pocket on travel items, and as main compartment for the backpack styles. The suitcases and bags have a cotton look and the outside of the luggage is made out of post-consumer recycled PET plastic bottles, just like the S’Cure Eco. But there’s more: we used protective and washable coating for all the base panels. Easy for you to clean your bag wherever you are!

Ecotourism destinations

We all love to travel, but unfortunately it also contributes to the pollution of our planet. It’s also possible to go on a journey without straining our planet’s resources too much. Here are 3 green alternatives for your usual vacation.

Green Slovenia

1. Green Slovenia

Slovenia is the perfect destination for nature lovers with an interest in eco travel! Do not go by airplane, but choose the more ecological bus or train journey. On site you can explore everything with public transport. Everything is also easily accessible by bike! With 8000 kilometers of cycling and hiking trails, you have plenty to choose from. In Slovenia you also have a lot of eco-friendly accommodations, f. e. an eco-hotel, eco-lodge or eco-farm.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has completely been transformed to a green city. The downtown area has been changed into a pedestrian only zone, there are initiatives for cyclists (there’s a bike-sharing program), and public busses are methane-fuelled. Time to discover this wonderful place!


2. Cycling in Vallée du Noir

The tranquil Vallée du Loir in France is an ideal location for cyclists. You can stop at various craft stores where you can get information about local and seasonal products. Stop by at one of the wonderful wine shops and your picnic is complete!

When you go cycling, you need a good backpack. Plantpack is your true companion during the ride! It is an eco-friendly collection that is made of the recycled material MIPAN REGEN. The suitcase has detachable partitions and compartments together with a scratch-prevention lining. You do not want to cycle in the rain? Problem solved with Plantpack, as this luggage is waterproof! Absolutely nothing standing in your way to start cycling!


3. Ecological South Tirol

In South Tirol people attach great importance to ecology and sustainability and that is clearly visible in its tourism. The area has a lot of green hotels and eco-friendly houses. For example, you can go to the Taser Alm family farm, where the bedrooms are heated with wood chips and solar panels. The boutique Schwarzwald Panorama does the laundry in a green way, as it uses the Ecolab-certified detergent, as well as the efficient, modern and resource-efficient power and heating supply of the machines. In the farm Unterstein in Niederhof, the rooms are as ecological as possible as they are finished with untreated wood. Unterstein is therefore a popular holiday destination for so-called "LoHaS", people with a "Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability. You can follow a kneipp treatment with electrolysis foot baths or follow workshops to bake bread, natural skin creams and toothpaste!


Our Hexa-Packs backpacks collection is made to follow your Tirol holiday rhythm. Whether it’s for hiking, cycling, or sports activity, Hexa-Packs is your best choice! This collection of 4 ultra-practical and versatile styles comes in an exciting range of colours, including 2 on-trend gradient prints. The perfect backpack to support your eco lifestyle!